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Pata Negra

Pata Negra Iberian Thin Black Pork Sausage 150g

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The excellence of Chouriço Preto Fino de Porco Preto Ibérico - a masterpiece of tradition. Carefully prepared with top quality ingredients, each piece is a testament to our passion for tradition and quality. With a distinctive smell and taste, each piece is a sensory journey into culinary tradition.

Black Pork (88%), Fat (12%), Blood, Water (5%), Virgin Olive Oil, Salt (18%), Spices, Sodium Chloride, Preservatives (E250 and E252), Antioxidants (E330, E331 and E575), dextrose, LACTOSE, modified starch, emulsifiers (E450 and E452) and DAIRY PROTEINS.
Stuffed in natural casing. Contains LACTOSE.


Pack: 150g
Open and let rest 5 minutes before consumption. Once opened, keep refrigerated.
Product ready to consume. It can be consumed with or without thermal processing.

Nutritional information per 100g

Energy value 1614 kJ/ 389 kcal; Total lipids 30.2 g,
of which 11.37 g are saturated; Carbohydrates 4.7 g, of which sugars 2.7 g; Proteins 24.5 g; Salt 4.08 g

    Chouriço Fino Preto de Porco Preto Ibérico Pata Negra 150g