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Memórias Portuguesas

Tin of Hot Chocolate Memórias Portuguesas 100g

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Powder mix for an authentic hot chocolate taste. The warmest, coziest memories inside a tin of hot chocolate. It was a hot chocolate friendship: good for the cold months, but not perfect for all seasons.


Sugar, cocoa powder, modified starch (E1414), gelling agent (E339ii, E450iii, E401, E516), flavorings and salt.

May contain traces of gluten, milk, egg, soy, tree nuts and sesame seeds.


Pack: 100g
Origin: Portugal

Nutritional information per 100g

Energy value 1582 kJ/ 378 kcal; Lipids 2.8 g of which 1.8 g saturated; Carbohydrates 77.1 g of which sugars 58.4 g; Fibers 7.9 g; Proteins 6.1g; Salt 0.5 g

    Lata de Chocolate Quente Memórias Portuguesas 100g
    Lata de Chocolate Quente Memórias Portuguesas 100g