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Moscatel Adega de Favaios Harvest 1989 50cl

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Harvested in 1989, from the best grapes. After this selection, they are macerated and fermented following the oldest methods. Alcoholic fermentation is very short, and immediately after the mantle rises, most of the must is bled and the brandy is applied. The first and second musts are then mixed and stored in very old wooden barrels and then aged slowly, improving its bouquet over decades.

It presents some aromas of honey, raisins, dried figs and caramel, as well as citrus fruits.

Ideal to accompany desserts or simply as an aperitif.


Contains sulfites.


Origin: Portugal
Capacity: 50cl
Alcohol Content: 17%

Nutritional information per 100g

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Moscatel Adega de Favaios Harvest 1989 50cl