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Pata Negra

Special Reserve Dry-Cured Ham Iberian Black Pork Pata Negra +/- 7kg

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100% Iberian Acorn

Its characteristic thin vein of fat, gives it not only a marbled appearance, but also an incredible succulence. The fat is so aromatic and smooth that it melts in the mouth, giving the ham an incomparable flavor.

Crafted according to traditions passed down from generation to generation, an exceptionally high quality product. The extreme quality of the meat results in an exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness, something common to the entire Pata Negra range.


Black pork shoulder, salt, preservatives (E250 and E252), antioxidants (E316) and sugar.
Does not contain allergens.


Store in a cool, dry place, avoiding environments with excessive humidity and direct light.

Nutritional information per 100g

Energy Value: 528 Kcal/ 2183Kj; Fat: 48.8 g, Of which saturated: 17.1 g; Carbohydrates: <0.1 g; Sugars: <0.1 g; Proteins: 22.2g; Salt: 4 g.

    Presunto Bolota Grande Reserva de Porco Preto Ibérico +/- 7kg
    Presunto Bolota Grande Reserva de Porco Preto Ibérico +/- 7kg